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DMD Engineering & Construction Inc.


DMD can manage your construction projects, from small rehabilitation needs to major capital improvements.


Design-build, turnkey, one-stop shop. It all basically means one thing.  Rather than running all over town to get the job done, clients turn to DMD to do it for them. DMD makes the job happen with its team of engineers, designers, construction experts, and a network of contractors and suppliers in virtually every field.

Water/Wastewater Rehabilitation

Every day people turn on their faucets, take showers, and flush toilets never really thinking about how it all works, until it doesn’t.

A well-performing water/wastewater system is an absolute essential to life in America today. Infrastructures are aging, developments are expanding, and existing system are stressed.

To keep up with growth, reduce pollution, and guarantee a healthy and safe water supply, rehabilitation of our water/wastewater systems is critical.

DMD’s Water/Wastewater Division teams with municipalities and large environmental engineering firms to provide:

  • Sewer System Inspections and Rehab

  • Stormwater Protection

  • Watershed Restoration

  • Engineering and Technical Support

  • As-Build Design Drawings

  • System Mapping

  • Construction Management

  • Emergency Response

  • Construction Site Restoration

  • Lift Station Construction and Rehab

Community Redevelopment
  • DMD’s role as an Asset Manager for Gwinnett County’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP-1) gives the company the opportunity to give back to the community and help stimulate the economy. DMD has purchased and rehabilitated more than 27 homes.  Additional homes are under contract to purchase and rehabilitation is just around the corner. 

  • DMD’s experience rehabilitating HUD homes in the 1990’s as well as a proven
    track record as a home builder makes it a perfect match for home owners’ renovation and expansion needs.

  • DMD works with governmental agencies and investors who purchase homes in neighborhoods throughout Atlanta with the intention of repairing, renovating and reselling.

  • DMD is a valuable member of any team needing someone to evaluate properties, develop a renovation plan to peak potential homeowners’ interest and get them back on the market in short order.

  • Whether stabilizing neighborhoods, helping investors build a portfolio of revenue generating rental properties or working with local, state and national programs, DMD is ready for action.

Historic Restoration

One of DMD’s newest divisions focuses on some of the oldest challenges around -- preserving and restoring historic buildings and structures.

Renovation, rehabilitation, and restoration of commercial and residential structures with an eye on design, cost management, and quality assurance are the unit’s focus. DMD’s team inspects, consults, and seeks solutions for developers, builders, engineers, and municipalities working closely with architects and engineers to incorporate the beauty and artistry of the past into modern buildings, homes, and construction.

Among the services to be offered are:

  • Renovation and restoration of historically significant commercial and residential properties

  • Rehabilitation of damaged properties

  • Design and development of subdivisions with a historic flair

  • Evaluation of technical factors in historic design

  • Consultation with property owners to customize projects

  • Evaluation of technical merits of construction materials

  • Preparation of cost estimates and budget adherence

Stay In Touch.

DMD Engineering & 
Construction Inc.

8343 Roswell Rd,

Number 410,

Sandy Springs, GA 30350 

United States

Phone:  (770) 616 0019

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